Saturday, March 05, 2005

The Order is Set The Pieces Are Moving: We Come to It At Last

The Pieces Are Moving: We Come to It at Last

Wars and related upheavals must have causes. Often times an event happens that triggers pent up rage of the masses. We are currently watching that in Lebanon. This pent up rage is often overlooked by intelligence services and can catch many people by surprise. Most people do not know history so they do not understand many of the causes of this pent up rage.

The Current Rages To Look Out For

The Russians
The Russians are an extremely complex tribe of people. They are very introspective and sometimes Celtic in nature. They love their soil and they love poetry, just like the Celts. Whether they are male or female they can recite the Great Russian Poet’s by name(Pushkin, Lermontov, and Tyutchev) and some of their verses. Also like the Celtic people they can be given to long periods of drinking and depression. The Russian people generally do not want to go back to Communism; however they have a keen desire to be a powerful world player, just like they were in the past. This is a very non Celtic feature and is usually the reason for the misreading of their intentions by the West. Their current leader has been misread about these Russian desires by the majority of Europe and North America. The world is about to find out the rage that burns in the Russian hearts and their desire to be a power broker. The Russians know now that they can not compete with the work ethic of the Chinese. They believe that if they can control the source of energy that China and the United States needs they will be able to get back the power they so desire. They also know that this can lead them to many problems, but it is the major reason they are backing the Iranians and their Nuclear option. Russia wants the potential control of Oil and the money from it. Iran wants the Nuclear option for other very devious reasons. This rage will soon become visible to all the world players.

The Iranians and Radical Islam
The Iranian leadership is closely tied in with Radical Islam. Their fingers are throughout the Middle East and Northern Africa. The average Iranian is getting sick of their totalitarian control, but they currently do not have the power to over through the leadership. Radical Islam believes that soon a miraculous event will occur that will deliver Jerusalem and unite the Islamic world. They have been saying that it is coming for 20 years. They know that eventually they will have to act or they will have no followers. Before the Ayatollah Khomeini died, he prophesied that Russia would help Islam to destroy Israel and deliver Jerusalem. It makes for very strange partners, but it is the reason Iran is paying Russia for their Nuclear Power Plants/Bombs It is a partnership that will eventually collapse on the Mountains of Israel. The rage of Islam grows and will soon become more visible than 9-11.

The only question for Bashar Assad is will he strike at Israel on behalf of the Palestinians or will he wait for the Russian-Iranian strike. The Baathist of Syria are becoming very anxious about their weapons in the Becca valley . They have made one mistake after the other and know that if they do not do something soon they will lose control of Syria. The Lebanese are about to push the Syrian’s to the boiling point. The Syrians do not really want to harm Lebanon, because that will gain them nothing. If they could give a critical blow to Israel, they feel they could stay in the drivers seat of power and even potentially control Arabia and Islam. If they strike Israel with Chemical and biological weapons, look for Damascus to no longer be a city.

My next post will describe the anger of other groups that will play out in the near future.